NYX double dare blush

IMG_3363 (2)Over the weekend I got my hands on NYX double dare high definition blush and I used it that same day, and I am here to share that I loved it. I had been eyeing NARS, Taj Mahal for so long because something about orange blushes really appeal to me. But I think this will do and I wont have to spend over $40 that I don’t have. IMG_3359 (2)

How do you feel about orange blush?


Introduction to All Things Fro Blog

4c natural hair


My name is Shereen and welcome to my blog, All Things Fro Blog. Here you will find tips, styles, trial and errors and so much more about y 4c natural hair or kinky curly hair. I’ve been passionate about natural hair for a long time and I’ve always wanted to blog about it but I never went through with it. But now, I feel ready to start and keep this blog for all the people with my texture hair who cannot find enough resources online. I hope this space is helping guide for you and I hope you stay a while.