New Shea Moisture Commercial

So Shea moisture has joined the ad fails of 2017. I am beginning to think these ads trolling on black issues are being done on purpose for attention, and I will tell why.

I am not in the marketing world but I know FOR A FACT that before an ad is publicized it goes through many channels before a ‘go ahead’ is given. People work on ads for months if not years. No one just wakes up and publicize something for businesses, especially big ones like Shea moisture. So it is hard for me to believe that these companies didn’t know the consequences for publicizing these commercials.

Shea moisture is an all natural hair and beauty company. They specialize in natural hair products that are full of vitamins, good oils, and right nutrients for any hair issues someone may have. From dry hair, to damaged hair, they have products to cater to every natural hair person.

Shea moisture gained its success, yes, its success by catering to black women who have joined the natural hair movement in the last 10 years or so. Many black women decided and are still deciding to go natural because they are finally understanding that the hair that grow out of their scalp is also pretty. Black women, have single handedly helped Shea moisture grow to what it is today only to be tossed to the side. There isn’t a natural hair video favorites on YouTube that Shea moisture isn’t mentioned.

Then comes this commercial

I am ALL about inclusion, but inclusion SHOULD look like inclusion. This commercial literally tosses the black woman out and tells her, “there is no room for you here.” Which is problematic because black women have felt this way for a very long time. Left out, forgotten, someone who doesn’t deserve recognition, someone who is invisible.

I think it hurts more when it comes from people who you know KNOW BETTER. But for profit or whatever the reason, felt that they should erase that knowledge. Do I think it’s a good business move, by all means yes. Shea moisture being moved from the “ethnic” section to the “hair care” aisle will do WONDERS for their business and their pockets.

It is just heartbreaking that these women will pick money over their daughters, sisters and mothers.

Link to Shea moisture commercial ———> VIDEO

What do you think?


Minimalism for Beginners: Skin Care edition

I’ve been attempting to live this minimalist lifestyle and I want to incorporate in every aspect of my life.

Today, I’ll be sharing how I’ve minimized my skincare products. I used to be one of those people that purchased every suggested skincare product and I ended up with tons of products. I had so many that I didn’t know which product was doing what or which one was working and not working out for me. img_3111-2My selection process for minimizing my skincare products came easily to me. I thought of my needs and convenience. For me, a good skincare regime has a cleanser and a moisturizer and an occasional scrub to remove the dead skin cells.

So 3 needs, 3 products. It’s so simple! I used to have 3 different facial cleansers. WHY?img_3112-2

I also reserved these 2 things for the days I wear make-up. A toner acts like an additional cleanser after I’ve used my actual cleanser the eye makeup remover is for the days I wear heavy eye make-up.

I’v been using these 5 products for months now, and I’ve noticed how effective they are because they all have a purpose and they get to fully live it without other products interfering.

How do you choose products for your skincare routines?

4 Best Lipstick Colors for Spring 2017

Hi Friends,

One of my favorite things to talk about besides natural hair is beauty products, specifically lipsticks. Today, I will be sharing my favorite lipsticks for spring with you all, I definitely wear other lipsticks not just these four lipsticks. But I will be sharing my other favorites later mostly the NUDES! ahhhh and plus this is brown girl friendly. yay!

This one is called Vegas Volt by MAC, its a really nice creamy orange that I apply lightly.

I love liquid lipsticks. This one is by Jordana, called Cherry Cobbler and it cost less than $5. How about that. This lipstick makes every outfit bright.

Faux by Mac is kind of my all year round lipstick, so it will always show up in any lipstick favorites, or best posts for EVERY season. get familiar!

This is an oldie. It is Heroine by MAC. I know its a fan favorite and it is definitely a spring and summer lipstick.

What is your favorite lipstick to wear for the spring time? I need ideas

HOW TO: wash and go on 4c natural hair

Hi friends!

Long time! I know you’ve heard that a wash and go cannot be achieved on 4c natural hair or kinky textured hair, I’m here to tell you that, it is FAKE NEWS. img_4016

I start of really wet hair. img_4021I use these 2 products. A spray leave-in conditioner by Carols daughter and eco-styler gel. This was the first time I used this specific eco-styler but I have another one I usually use. This worked fine but i prefer my other gel.

After I apply my products, I hold it with the clips just so my hair stay in place. As you can see my sections are pretty large. If you want more definition, definitely make your sections smaller.

This was the finished product. Here it was about 30% dry. It puffed up more as it got more dry.img_4013

How to trim 4c natural hair

Hi friends

As you can see, I have changed the blog name. More on that later, but for now, I am sharing how I usually trim my hair.4c natural hair

I start of “hair scissors” or shears if you like. I used to use any scissors I found around the house but I learnt that ruins your hair. Another reason my hair isn’t thriving the way it should. More about that later.

But I usually wash my hair and then I moisturize it with leave-in conditioners, and my oil mix. I twist my hair then I clip the ends.4c natural hair

Above is a picture of a trimmed twist and un-trimmed one. Can you tell the difference? I two-strand twist my hair to trim because it is the easiest way for me to figure out the amount of hair that needs to be trimmed. 4c natural hair4c natural hair

How do you trim your hair? Do you do it yourself or do you only let a professional with scissors near your hair?

10 lessons from a girl gon natural


1. No two hair textures are the same. Do not compare your hair to other peoples hair. Do not expect it to do what other peoples hair does. You will be disappointed and you will not enjoy your natural hair.

2. Tips are just guidance. The are not from the holy book. You do not have to follow every tip you hear about.

3. “Going natural” or “returning natural” is about acceptance. Meaning accept your hair and free people to do what they want to do with their hair. The natural hair community does not need a police enforcement section.

4. Less is more when it comes to products. Do not buy everything at Sally’s as you will waste money. Find products that works for you and stick to them.

5. Hair growth is about genetics and nutrients and lifestyle. Your hair will not grow at the same rate as the next person. Accept that and enjoy your hair at the length that it is.

6. Do not restrict yourself or your hair. When you feel like coloring it, do so. When you feel like cutting it, do so. When you feel like trimming it, do so. Do what you want with your hair.

7. Ignore the negative comments for they will come but believe me when I tell you they mean absolutely nothing. Negative comments about your hair or about anything concerning you does not reflect on you, it reflects on the simple minded individual who spoke them to you. Always always remember that.

8. Natural hair will bring new things. Friends, eating style, change in fashion, etc… Embrace it. It is okay to change.

9. Cheer on other naturals. Compliment them if they have a nice hairstyle, if their curls are “poppin,” if their tresses are standing high and mighty, if their TWA is showcasing their beautiful facial bone structure, etc…whatever it may be, give a compliment when you want. Because this natural hair journey isn’t always so smooth. Most importantly, compliment yourself.

10. Your hair maybe a huge part of you because it is part of your body and thus must be treated well. But please remember that it is an extension of yourself, it is physical, it does not speak as to who you are on the inside, it doesn’t define you. Your hair is PART of you. In the words of India Arie “YOU ARE NOT YOUR HAIR”

bonus: Be fabulous.